Here are notes on some of my projects. I am particularly interested in sharing fabrication techniques for non-toxic bioplastics, in order to get more people to not use toxic plastics made from petroleum.


Making Plastic Sheet

Bioplastic sheet can be made in a way that is analogous to baking. It can be done using typical baking temperatures, ovens and implements. (read more).


Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

Optically clear bubbles can be made from acrylic sheet by heating it and blowing it through an aperture. I have experimented with a range of different types of ovens and have found that good results can be achieved from all (read more).


Making Magnetic Powder

For my magnetic sculptures, I use magnetic powder to create the body. For black pigment, magnetite is very effective. For other colors, I have experimented with diffusing iron into pigments, such as zinc oxide (read more).


Lidar-based Sea Surface Mapping

During my masters in ocean engineering, I worked on a project to develop lidar for sea surface mapping. This is challenging because it breaks the assumptions that are made for terrestrial mapping (read more).