Here are some notes for my projects. I am a big follower of the DIY and tech communities and have learned a lot from individual hackers and websites like Hackaday. I am starting to document the tools and techniques I use for my own work, in order to share with the community.

Open Source Underwater Distributed Sensor Network

Water quality monitoring is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems. This is a project I'm working on right now, to put the clams to work! (read more).

Simple Oven for Blowing Bubble Canopies

There are some things that 3D printing cannot do, like producing optically clear bubbles. I needed a transparent enclosure for an LED cube, so I drew upon the method used to produce canopies for P-51's: free blowing. In this project, I present a simple type of oven to blow acrylic sheet, which can be assembled, used, and disassembled in a weekend with readily available materials (read more).