Plastics Blow Oven

There are some things that 3D printing cannot do, like producing optically clear bubbles. I needed a transparent enclosure for an LED cube, so I drew upon the method used to produce canopies for P-51's: free blowing. In this project, I present a simple type of oven to blow acrylic sheet, which can be assembled, used, and disassembled in a weekend with readily available materials.

The blow oven uses CMUs (cinder blocks) and bricks for the body, and can use propane or Kanthal wire as the heating element. The lid of the oven is made from MDF and silicone, and doubles as the holder for the acrylic being blown. The oven can be scaled up by increasing the amount of CMUs and the size of the lid.

Subsequent versions of the oven have used cement board, cast concrete and reflectors for the bodies of the ovens, but these original CMU-based ovens work great and are easy to make for one-time builds.

Click here for more information on the Hackaday Project page: Plastics Blow Oven